Negotiation Update for members at Lucky-SaveMart & See’s Candies

Meeting Begins in Effort for a New Contract

Representatives from UFCW Locals 5, 8 and 648 met with the company on Veteran’s Day, November 11th, at the Trust Fund in Walnut Creek.
The union’s representatives made it absolutely clear that they and the members are outraged by the fact that bonuses were paid to management while the rank and file is laboring under the stabilization agreement. It was reiterated during the course of the meeting, by the union committee, that the stabilization agreement was to reinvest in the stores and get more customers through the doors to keep the company in business, not to line the pockets of store managers.

The committee let it be known, that as far as they were concerned, when the stabilization agreement expires in 2014 it’s toast.

Additionally, internal management personnel and operational issues are hampering progress in the talks. The company has engaged the services of an individual well versed in union negotiations, who previously represented management at Shaw’s and Park and Shop, both UFCW shops on the East Coast. It was divulged at the Veteran’s Day meeting that this person would be replaced at future meetings by a person yet to be determined by the company. These and other operational matters are slowing the process toward a new contract.

Local 5, 8 and 648 were successful in getting the company to agree to return to the table on November 21, regardless of their internal dysfunction.

Your Role

Your attention and participation in the process continues to be vital to the success of the talks. If you have an idea for inclusion in the negotiations forward to Please monitor the website and Local 5’s Facebook page for progress, meeting announcements and opportunities for involvement.

See’s Members Ratify New Contract Agreement Arrived at After Long Haul

Local 5 is happy to announce that the agreement reached between the union and See’s Candies has been ratified overwhelmingly by the membership. A prolonged period of negotiations, including a stretch where the mediator was sidelined by the government shutdown, resulted in the agreement which provided significant wage increases and new trust fund benefits.

The Agreement and the Vote

Details of the pact were fully disclosed to the membership via an information packet that arrived at member’s houses in the mail and included a vote by mail ballot. The union recommended approval of the new contract.

The two primary sticking points separating the union and the company during the talks were qualifying hours for medical benefits and wages. The question of medical benefits was resolved by ensuring individuals currently working enough hours to qualify for benefits would continue to do so. On the topic of wages, a significant increase in the first two years of the deal followed by wage re-openers in the third and fourth years of the agreement was negotiated. Ballots were due back November 8 and the count resulted in a nearly seventy percent authorization.

Your Activism Paid Off

The change in attitude and proposals by management at the bargaining table were one hundred percent attributable to the unity of See’s members and the overwhelming strike vote taken. Congratulations to See’s members on your perseverance and solidarity and congratulations on your new agreement.