Message for our Members at Lucky & SaveMart

For months, Locals 5, 8 and 648 have negotiated with your company in an effort to reach a new agreement that is not only workable to both sides, but one that recognizes the sacrifice that our members made to return the company to profitability.

Our demands are simple – restore most of the cuts from the last agreement, restore the pay rate for those demoted from Senior Clerk to Clerk, properly fund our benefit plans and commit to a significant financial investment to upgrade underperforming stores. In return, we have proposed an employee classification structure that over the long term will make operational and financial sense for the company.

Your company has made proposals that would make most of the temporary concessions permanent, create longer progression steps and lower pay rates for new hires and reduce your health plan funding resulting in further benefit cuts.

We will resume negotiations soon but we have refused to agree to an extension of the stabilization agreement, which expired on Sunday night. This means that holiday and Sunday premiums, vacation allowances and other concessions must be restored.

The next few weeks will be critical and we are in the process of scheduling update meetings for members throughout Local 5’s jurisdiction. Watch for more information, stay informed and stay involved.