Union Market Share and Dues Refund Program

Union market share protection is a program that UFCW 5 has implemented to help increase UFCW membership and participation in union activities. Activities in the program include supporting union organizing drives, participating in rallies, distributing information about the union at festivals, fiestas and fairs, phone banking, precinct walking, helping out on picket lines and other activities. In other words, there is something for everyone.
If you choose to participate in the program you must complete 4 hours of union activities over the course of the year. Any combination of time that equals the 4 hours is acceptable. If you participate and meet the hours requirement, $60 ($5 month) will be refunded to you from the beginning of the next calendar year. Check with your area office to sign up and for details of eligible events.

Initiation Fee Credit For New Hires

New Local 5 members are invited to take part in the initiation fee credit for new hires program. By participating news members can reduce their initiation fees by one third. The attendance requirements are the same as the union market share program.
The sooner the new member’s meeting and/or local 5 activities are completed the sooner the initiation reduction takes place.
This initiation fee credit applies to all job classifications and will apply to future promotions without having to attend additional meetings.
Attending local 5 actions that qualify under the union market share program may be substituted for attendance at membership meetings. One action/event=one meeting. Check the website for coming events.
Please contact your union representative or area office for further information on participating in the program.

Eligible Events

-Pledge card actions
-New Members Meetings
-Membership Meetings
-Precinct Walking
-Phone Banks
-Informational Leafleting
-Picket Lines
Contact your area office for details.