Macy’s Members take it to the Public

On Saturday, August 2, 2014, Macy’s Members had their first union action to gain support from the community, fellow union members and Macy’s customers. They have made it clear to Macy’s that their “Last, Best and Final” offer was not acceptable and members are ready to fight!


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What’s at stake?

  • Eliminating the opportunity of more than 400 employees to earn more through commission and forcing them to sell to an arbitrary standard to earn their union wage increases
  • Loss of seniority in scheduling
  • Sales Employees being forced to work every weekend
  • Punishment for being sick (violates the intent of the SF ordinance)
  • Two penalty points for being sick on a weekend
  • Elimination of Kaiser HMO
  • Elimination of the Macy’s pension plan (company to save millions)
  • Employees must give 30-day notice to use PTO/Vacation

These are only a few reasons why UFCW5 was not able to recommend Macy’s offer to you.