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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Why are negotiations taking so long? Answer: The process is complicated and the contract hasn’t been renegotiated for six years. The company is proposing a lot of changes, particularly with respect to scheduling.

Question: What happens if we don’t agree with everything that the company wants? Answer: We can take action to make the company change its position. This could include handing flyers to customers, demonstrating at our stores and other Macy’s stores and possibly a strike.

Question: Who decides if we go on strike? Answer: Employees must vote to authorize a strike by at least a 2/3 majority.

Question: Will we get paid if we go on strike? Answer: The company will not pay you during a strike. Local 5 has nearly $7 million in its strike fund and the International Union has much more. The union will pay you between $200 and $300 per week during a strike.

Question: Can the company fire me if I go on strike? Answer: You have a legal right to strike. It would be a violation of federal labor law to discipline you for exercising that right.

Question: What happens to my benefits during a strike? Answer: Depending on the length of a strike, you could lose benefit eligibility. The union has funds to help members who have emergency medical situations.

Question: How long will a strike last? Answer: The length of a strike is directly related to the participation of members on the picket line and our ability to keep customers from shopping. The most recent Local 5 strike was against Raley’s Food Stores and lasted nine days. It was a victory for the union members.

Question: How do I get involved in helping us succeed? Answer: There are a lot of ways that you can help. Wearing your union button is a good start. For more details talk to your union rep or shop steward or check the Local 5 web site and be sure to attend one of the June 19 meetings.

Get the facts – don’t be swayed by false and misleading company propaganda.