Macy’s Bargaining Update


This is a special negotiation update for Local 5 members working at Macy’s. After more than fifteen days of bargaining your union bargaining committee and the company have failed to reach an agreement for a new contract. While a new company proposal that we received today was a step in the right direction, several hurdles remain:

1.   The company is proposing to implement its on-­‐line scheduling system but

has failed to adequately address all of our seniority concerns.

2.   Macy’s has introduced a pension proposal that will save the company hundreds of thousands of dollars while only offering small annual wage increases for employees in return.

3.   Future wage increases would continue to be tied to company-­‐controlled sales

goal quotas under the company’s proposal.

4.   New hourly employees would be paid at slightly above the minimum wage with no commission and no guaranteed wage increases ever, creating a Walmart style work environment and giving the company a huge incentive to eliminate current higher-­‐paid workers.

When you tie these and other company proposals and an ongoing unwillingness to address many of the union committee’s concerns to the company’s refusal to extend the contract beyond Thursday night, it’s clear that management wants to test your resolve and willingness to fight for a fair contract.

While your union committee will continue to work toward a settlement even if the contract expires, its time to send a clear, strong and unified message to the company that you are ready to take whatever action is necessary to achieve the settlement that you expect and deserve.

Special meetings have been set for June 19. Your attendance and participation at these meetings is crucial. We hope that we will be able to present a recommended settlement to you on that day but unless Macy’s position changes in the coming days, the main agenda item for those meetings will be a vote to authorize action against the company including a possible strike. Further details on times and locations will be available soon.


Click here to listen to the audio file that was sent to Members at Macy’s.