Lucky-Save Mart Issues Third Last, Best and Final Offer Company Threatens to Implement on November 16th

In a move rarely witnessed in labor relations, and never seen in Northern California grocery bargaining, Lucky-Save Mart has issued a fourth deadline to Local 5 to submit the latest offer to the membership by November 14th with an unqualified recommendation, or the Company has threatened, for the third time, to force the offer upon the membership on Sunday, November 16th.

The Lucky-Save Mart threats are unlawful because the Union and Company are not at what is termed an “impasse,” or at a point at which the bargaining parties have reached a gridlock state and have nothing left to negotiate. As reported by the Union, there are a number of issues left to resolve and we stand ready to continue to come to agreement with the Company that is fair and equitable for both the Company and our members.

Unfortunately, the Company continues to submit Last, Best and Final offers over the internet for which we have repeatedly told the Company that we insist on meeting face to face. Although the Federal Mediator is now involved, the Company continues to stonewall the process and has not agreed on a date to meet with your Union and the Federal Mediator. In fact, the Company attorney, Pat Jordan, was so arrogant as to state; “I have no date to offer at this time.”

Consequently, Local 5 will be filing additional unfair labor charges with the National Labor Relations Board over the Company’s misconduct and if upheld, Lucky/Save Mart will have to return to the bargaining table and engage in meaningful negotiations.

The Company’s propaganda states that the offer they intend on implementing is, “not as good as the last one.” Consequently, Lucky/Save Mart is admitting that negotiations are not at “impasse” and attempting to punish Local 5 members for standing up and defending good wages, benefits and working conditions for themselves and all Unionized Northern California grocery workers.

Please continue to access the Local 5 website for further updates while Local 5 and the Federal Mediator continue to attempt to arrange meetings with the Company so we may come to an amicable settlement that is good for all parties.