Lucky-Save Mart Implements Contract Changes, Union Files Charges

Lucky-Save Mart stores has implemented the terms of a so called last, best and final offerdated November 11. The company has followed up with a road show of labor relations staff fanning out through the stores explainingthe implementation.

Further, the company has accused the union of reneging on an agreement to meet on November 24 with Federal Mediation. Since the company illegally implemented conditions the need for a meeting is moot since the venue for resolving the situation is now with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB).

There is no defense to the indefensible. The companys excuse for implementing conditions, many of which are clearly not OK with most employees, is that the union and company were at impasse. Save Mart claims there were no issues left on the table to negotiate. This assertion is completely false. There were substantive issues on the table to be resolved, the company refused to meet and tried to force impasse by email negotiations. The employer declared impasse over non-mandatory subjects.  The employer failed to provide information, which Local 5 required for negotiations such as confirmation of their need for additional economic relief. This is a classic case of bad faith bargaining. Local 5 has multiple labor board charges filed against the company which the NLRB is now investigating.

Local 5s position is that implementation of the negative impacts of the offer s be reversed by the NLRB, that the positive aspects be maintained and bargaining should resume on a level playing field.

Please continue to monitor the website, FB and the hotline (1 800 619-4036) for further updates.

To download flyer click here: FinalLSMImplementation