Lucky-Save Mart Bargaining Update

Negotiations to Resume with Lucky-Save Mart September 19 Company Puts New Leadership in Place

Negotiations between UFCW Locals 5, 8 and 648 will continue with Lucky-Save Mart (LSM) on Friday September 19. The union and management last met on September 12. The time was used by each side to clarify the others position’s on contract matters. Recently it was announced that LSM has put new corporate leadership in place. CEO Bob Piccinini has stepped down and has put Steve Jonqueiro Chief Operating Officer, Greg Hill Chief Financial Officer and Nicole Piccinini VP of Strategy and the owner’s daughter, in as co-CEOs. It is unknown at this point what, if any, effect this unusual structure will have on negotiations. Greg Hill, one of the new CEOs, has been involved in negotiations and is aware of the issues between the company and its workers. The next several weeks will be critical to the negotiations process. Continue to be supportive and stay informed. If you have any questions contact your rep or your nearest Local 5 office. UNITE! Watch for more information and stay informed and involved at, and 800 619-4036.