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Lucky Store Members Retire With Over 40 Years of Service

Bruce Cleveland (left) and Bruce Morasca (right)

Bruce Cleveland (left) and Bruce Morasca (right)

Two UFCW Local 5 members retired on Friday, May 29th from Lucky Store #759 in San Jose.  Both members have over 40 years of service and both are named Bruce.

On behalf of United Food & Commercial Workers Local 5, we want to thank Bruce Morasca and Bruce Cleveland as we congratulate them on their retirement. Bruce Morasca completed 45 years of service and Bruce Cleveland, 42 years of service.

We thank them not only for their service but also for their leadership, activism and community involvement.

Now, a new phase of their life is beginning. It is an opportunity for them to travel more extensively, spend more time with family and friends and of course, golf.

We wish them a happy and fulfilling retirement. They will be greatly missed.

Bruce Cleveland (left) Bruce Morasca (right)

Bruce Cleveland (left) Bruce Morasca (right)


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