Local 5 Sets Up Picket Lines at Pleasanton and San Ramon Wal Mart.

Local 5 set up picket lines at the Wal Mart Neighborhood Markets in Pleasanton and San Ramon the week of July 10th to draw attention to Wal Mart’s low wages and lack of health care benefits for their hard working employees. Wal Mart eliminated health care benefits for all part-time employees and forced most onto the public health care system where taxpayers are forced to foot the bill. Not only that, but many Wal Mart employees rely on other public assistance such as food stamps and subsidized housing to make ends meet since their wages are well below the poverty level. And guess who pays?


Wal Mart workers struggle to scratch out a living while  the Wal Mart corporation can continue to  rake  in billions $$$.  This is obscene. This also creates an unfair competitive advantage to the responsible Union employers who pay good wages and provides comprehensive health benefits for all their employees. Let’s force Wal Mart outa town!