Local 5 Participates in Elections to Build Worker Power

On January 7 & 8 elections took place to send candidates to the 2017 State Democratic Convention. This is usually a “ho-hum” event, but given the gravity of Trump’s election to office with majorities in both houses of the legislature and the right to appoint the majority on the supreme court this became no ordinary contest. Local 5 participated in races in San Francisco, Alameda, Contra Costa, Santa Clara & Monterey Counties.

The necessity of the Democratic Party retaking its historic role as the party of working people is absolutely imperative if it hopes to become a relevant national party again. Local 5 will fight to make sure this happens, it has to or labor’s voice will be silenced leading to dire consequences for working families.

oe McAdams & Linda Lane Jordan to off on their lunch
hour to participate in the January 7 18th AD election in
San Leandro. That’s dedication!