Local 5 Negotiations Updates for Safeway and Lucky-SaveMart

UFCW Local 5 Safeway Negotiations Update

Local 5 and the company met last week to begin negotiations. The meeting was held primarily to discuss logistics for the coming talks, get an update on the Cerberus takeover and find out who will be representing Safeway at the bargaining table.

Local 5 will be bargaining individually in this set of talks and intends on negotiating an agreement that reflects to desire of the membership and is appropriate to the economic reality where Local 5 members live and work.

Safeway has indicated they will be contacting Local 5 with future dates for bargaining, you will be advised when the dates are secured.

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UFCW Local 5 Lucky-Save Mart Negotiations Update

As everyone knows LSM implemented their so-called last best and final offer in November. Since then Local 5 has been pursuing unfair labor practice charges at the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) to reverse this illegal action. A key component of the union’s argument is that Local 5 and the company were not at impasse when they put their offer into effect and therefore the implementation of an offer no one wanted was improper and needs to be reversed.

Last week, as if to make the union’s case that the union and company were not at impasse, the company contacted Local 5 to bargain over a retirement incentive. A prerequisite for any discussions with the company is the reversal of the illegal implementation of the last, best & final. The union is pursuing charges against the company at the NLRB because we were not at impasse. The employer did not bargain in good faith. The union will not engage in negotiations with the company until the illegal implementation is reversed. We continue to seek redress through the NLRB.

Please keep up to date with your union rep, on the website & Facebook.