Local 5 Members Approve New Nob Hill Agreement

UFCW 5 Executive Board Members from Lunardi's and Nob HIll count the ballots.

UFCW 5 members and Executive Board Members from Lunardi’s and Nob Hill count the ballots.

On the afternoon of May 21 Local 5 rank and file members and representatives counted Nob Hill contract ballots. After the count was concluded the result was to accept 62% to 38%.

As a result of Nob Hill members conducting a very successful strike in 2012 the company came to the table in this round of negotiations and bargained seriously. The new agreement provides for the restoration of holiday and night premium, continuation of the health plan with no changes, continuation of the pension as is and two lump sum bonuses and one hard money increase.

Thanks go out to all the Local 5 members at Nob Hill who participated in the negotiations process, attended informational meetings, voted and helped count the votes.