Local 5 Endorses Bernie Sanders for President

On February 17th the Local 5 Executive Board overwhelmingly endorsed Bernie Sander’s run for the White House. President Nunes noted that Sanders has been unbending in his support of workers his entire life. To Sanders, backing up workers against Wall Street and the rich and powerful is not a political calculation to be trotted out at election time it’s a moral imperative. It was also discussed that the current status quo is not sustainable and a new way of doing things that reflects the needs of America’s working families must be put in place, Sanders is the person to accomplish this task.

Local 5 will be working with the campaign to elect Sanders. If you have questions regarding volunteering to be part of this historic effort contact Mike Henneberry at mhenneberry@ufcw5.org.

Click here (Media AdvisoryBS1) for a copy of a media release on the endorsement.