Local 5 Clarifies Save Mart Lucky Position on Status of Contract

Save Mart Lucky Update
April 22, 2016

Local 5 Clarifies Company’s Position on Status of Contract

Save Mart/Lucky recently placed a misleading communication on their website, which some store managers downloaded and posted in the store. The communication stated that the imposed agreement was found to have not violated the law, according to the National Labor Relations Board.


Local 5 informed our Save Mart/Lucky members of labor board’s decision several months ago and this is nothing new. Save Mart/Lucky then wrongfully connected the labor board decision to the following statement;


“The dispute between Save Mart and Local 5 is over and the implementation of the contract is now resolved.”


The labor board decision had nothing to do with the ongoing dispute over the imposed concessionary agreement. Local 5 continues to successfully fight the employer on several ongoing levels. No labor peace will exist until Save Mart/Lucky comes to accept the fact that the best path for their success and profitability is to provide a fair and equitable contract for their employee’s hard work and economic sacrifices made during the Company’s financially hard times.


Discussions have continued with the Company, Local 5 and the UFCW International Union over the imposed concessionary agreement. Please access the website for further updates.