Grocery Worker Retention Ordinance Referral to Staff to Return for Vote


On Tuesday, February 3, the Alameda City Council voted 5-0 to send Councilman Jim Oddies’s Grocery Worker Retention Ordinance referral to staff to return for a vote. The ordinance will require employers purchasing stores to keep existing workers on staff for a minimum of 90 days. Great job so far by the council & staff.
The union will let everyone know when the next meeting will be.


January 28, 2015

Member Alert

Attention: Local 5 Grocery Members Working in Alameda

Grocery Worker Ordinance to be Introduced at City Council Tuesday, February 3

On Tuesday February 3 the Alameda City Council will consider adoption of a Grocery Workers Retention Ordinance. The ordinance, being introduced by councilman Oddie, will state that when a grocery store is purchased the new employer is required to retain all workers for a ninety day period. During that period the employer may not arbitrarily terminate workers and if layoffs are necessary they must be achieved by seniority. If a worker feels the new owner has disciplined, terminated or dealt with them in bad faith a process is put in place to bring legal action. Currently New employers may hire and fire at will.

Here are the details:

What: Hearing of the Alameda City Council to consider a Grocery Worker Retention Ordinance

Where: Alameda City Hall, 2263 Santa Clara Avenue, Alameda CA 94501

When: Meeting starts at 7PM, Please arrive by 6.45.

This is an important night for all grocery workers in the City of Alameda, please plan on attending. If you have questions contact Marla Donati at (510) 583-8410 or Mike Henneberry at (510) 719-7691.