Foodmaxx Bargaining Update

Local 5 recently received a Last, Best and Final offer from Food Maxx. The offer is little changed from the one overwhelmingly rejected by Food Maxx members last August.  Most importantly, Food Maxx is proposing that the employee health benefit plan be restructured to save the company money, but has provided few details of the new plan to the Union Bargaining Committee.


Food Maxx owes it to their employees and the Union to explain fully the details of the new health care benefit plan and what additional costs employees can expect, if any. Local 5 is awaiting a response from Food Maxx representatives.


Health care benefits and wages are the most important aspects of any job. Knowing what those health benefits include is critical to employees and their families. Your Union cannot explain what we don’t know. Once Local 5 receives details of the health plan from Food Maxx we will proceed with informational meetings and voting the company’s final offer.


Please continue to access the website for more information or talk to your Union Representative if you have further questions and, above all, remain strong and committed to a fair and equitable contract that Food Maxx members deserve!