Contract Extension Signed by Local 5 with Lucky-Save Mart

Contract Extension Inked Meetings to Commence in November

UFCW Local 5 and Lucky-Save Mart have signed an agreement extending all terms and conditions of the collective bargaining agreement, including health and welfare, wages and working conditions, through the conclusion of bargaining over a new contract. As noted in the last update the unions (Local 5, 8 and 648) will convene meetings to negotiate a successor agreement to the contract that expired on October 12.

Meetings Set for November
The unions have contacted the company and it has responded that management representatives will be prepared to meet in the month of November. The membership will be advised of any developments coming out of these meetings

Your Role
Your attention and participation in this process will be important to the success of the talks. If you have an idea for inclusion in the negotiations please forward to Please continue to monitor the website and Local 5’s Facebook page for progress, meeting announcements and opportunities for involvement.