Black Friday Walmart Action Attracts Hundreds of Supporters

joe hansen
On Friday, November 28th hundreds of community, labor, student and organization allied joined the Walmart Strikers at the Milpitas Walmart.  Also, many elected officials,  clergy and community leaders stood with Walmart strikers and praised their efforts and reaffirmed their support.
Walmart workers at more than half the company’s stores are standing together, calling for the company to publicly commit to $15 an hour and full-time, consistent hours. We know that Walmart and the Waltons can afford fair pay, and tens of thousands of us are standing with Walmart workers in their calls for $15 an hour and full-time, regular hours.
Too many Walmart workers are unable to provide dinner for their families – for Thanksgiving and year-round – because Walmart and the Waltons choose to manipulate workers’ hours and pay to keep them in poverty.
OUR Walmart leaders are standing up for their families and for all American families who are struggling to do more with less while the silver-spooned Waltons make billions off their work.
OUR Walmart members are winning changes at the company – and we know that real improvements for all Walmart workers are possible.