Auto Workers, Tech Drivers & Seattle Teachers Lead Fight for Higher Wages

Union members as diverse as Detroit auto workers, Bay Area tech bus drivers and Seattle teachers are leading the fight to make up ground on stagnant and declining wages in place since the great recession. In the case of Bay Area tech bus drivers, they obtained large wage and benefit increases by joining the Teamsters Union. Seattle teachers, in an area of the country second only to the Bay Area in terms of tech wealth, shut the school district down for a week when the administration refused to increase their frozen wages. And autoworkers at the nation’s weakest car builder Chrysler-Fiat, won sizable increases in take home pay after a ten year freeze. The leadership of the United Auto Workers (UAW) has announced plans to seek larger increases at GM and Ford. Safeway, the largest and most profitable grocer in Northern California, should take the lead of employers in the auto, tech transport and education fields and answer the call of its workers for higher wages. It’s the right thing to do, particularly when smaller grocery employers have already done it.

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