An Important Announcement from UFCW Local 5 & Safeway About Updating I-9 Forms

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UFCW Local 5 and Safeway are proud to announce that we have reached an agreement regarding updating personal information.

California Labor Code Section 1024.6 allows an employee to update his or her personal information based on a lawful change of name, social security number or federal work authorization document. If you have personal information of this type that needs to be updated, including your name or social security number, you should notify Human Resources or your Store Manager, tell them that you would like to update your information and you will be asked to complete an updated I-9 form. To complete the I-9 form, your Manager will need to see a copy of one of the categories of documents indicated on the I-9 with that new updated information. The documents that can be shown include a social security card, work authorization document, or passport. In most circumstances, no questions will be asked and your employment will simply continue. If questions are asked, you have the right to request a union representative be present for any questioning.

This procedure is intended to be used only for employees who are initiating a lawful change to their above described personal information. If information is received by the Company, which leads the Company to believe that a change is required but the employee has not requested to make the change, standard disciplinary procedures may follow. If you would like help initiating the process, the Union can do it with you. If you have questions about the process, you should get in touch with your Union Representative, Human Resources or your Store Manager.

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