American Income Life: Not Endorsed by UFCW Local 5

It is the clear and unambiguous position of UFCW Local 5 that American Income Life (AIL) is not a company endorsed by the union. Local 5 does not agree with the company’s aggressive and dishonest sales pitches. AIL representatives are not nor have they ever been Local 5 employees. The former President endorsed AIL by authorizing mailings to Local 5 members on official letterhead of the union bearing his signature.  The union bore no cost of the mailings, but it gave the perception that AIL was a local 5 endorsed business.  Upon taking office the new administration reversed this policy.  It shows the lack of character for a company like AIL to continue to misrepresent itself when it knows it is against the express wishes of Local 5.

Local 5 will not tolerate members being harassed by American Income Life salespeople. The union will take all necessary steps to prevent unwarranted intrusions into the lives of members. If you are contacted by an American Income Life representative contact the union immediately and your complaint will be taken care of.