No Movement in Nob Hill Talks, Company Unwilling To Meet Until June 14

Nob Hill Violation

In another fruitless bargaining session on May 9 Nob Hill negotiators continued to flatly reject most of the Union’s proposals for reasonable improvements to the contract. Worse yet, after seven months of talks, the company refused to budge off of its initial offer of a single forty-cent wage increase over three years.

As in previous meetings, the Local 5 bargaining committee listened intently to the company’s concerns and modified proposals in an effort to move the process forward toward a mutually agreeable settlement. Once again, the Union’s legitimate efforts were met with more stonewalling by management and a refusal to meet again for more than a month.

“Its time to take action,” says Local 5 President John Nunes. “Our members made significant concessions over several years to help the company recover from the financial crisis. Now that Raley’s has returned to profitably, management has focused on buying other companies and opening non-union stores rather than rewarding the employees that are responsible for its success.”

As a result of management’s ongoing refusal to make a reasonable good faith effort to reach an agreement, the Local 5 bargaining committee has authorized a membership vote on the company’s current offer and if rejected, to authorize a strike. However, the committee has determined not to schedule the vote until after the June 14 bargaining date and an assessment of the company’s position and willingness to make progress in the talks.

In the meantime, stand strong as your bargaining committee and your union work to secure a new contract that provides the wages, benefits and working conditions that you deserve.